About Pillar3

P3 is designed to host your Pillar 3, remuneration and stewardship disclosures (regulatory disclosures). If you need advice on the preparation of your Pillar 3, Remuneration Code or Stewardship Code disclosures or assistance in drafting them then please should contact Wheelhouse Advisors.

To use P3 please submit your disclosure as a pdf document using our submission form. We will then process it onto your P3 page and provide you with your unique web address which contains your disclosures. You may then publish this web address in your accounts, on your business website or indeed in any other media you wish.

P3 is a passive hosting service and there is no search facility within this site. P3 is there to allow your firm to complete its disclosure obligations. Each disclosure is on a private page, but subscribers can request specific listing of their disclosure on our public disclosure pages.

P3 will only host your most current disclosure and can be updated as you require. You will need to maintain records of historical disclosures and the periods they applied.  

P3 charges a fee for hosting your disclosures. Our fees, which are subject to VAT, are charged as follows:

  • Set up and establishment of your first P3 disclosure £600
  • Annual update of your disclosures or intra-year re-filing £500

We charge one fee per disclosure page so if you want to combine all of your disclosures into one page you will save money. P3 is owned and operated by Wheelhouse Advisors.


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